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Regarder Le Film Femme Ecrite Film Complet calgian




Le film Femme écrite est. Hindi Film Gratuit Entier 20 jours avec deux journées en attente de voir le film que je n'ai pas vu parce que je n'ai pas pu le voir parce que je suis trop chétif!. gBareilly Ki Barfi Part 1 480p Movie Bareilly Ki Barfi Full Movie Hindi gBareilly Ki Barfi Full Movie Hindi Download Bareilly Ki Barfi Full Movie Hindi DownloadGaremba Ki Vasanti Full Movie Hindi Full DownloadThe more a person drinks, the more their nose becomes sensitive to alcohol's faint smells. The discovery that our sense of smell can be reduced by alcohol, or affected by the time of day, was made in a study of wine drinkers by a team of University of California, San Francisco, researchers. The researchers used a system to detect very faint smells that couldn't be detected by the human nose. They measured nose sensitivity before and after the volunteers drank three glasses of wine -- about 90 milliliters, or one and a half glasses. The scientists found that the sensitivity of the volunteers' noses decreased significantly after drinking the wine. The nose sensitivity was reduced equally for male and female participants and for those drinking wine before or after eating breakfast. "One possible explanation for these results is that alcohol affects the type of olfactory receptors used to sense smells," said Stephen Leach, a professor in the UCSF department of otolaryngology and lead author of the study. "The results could indicate that when alcohol is present, some olfactory receptors are functioning poorly, but other types of receptors are functioning normally." This is the first published study to report that drinking can alter a person's sense of smell, said Leach. Previously, the effect of alcohol on the human nose was unknown. "Sensitivity to odors can be useful for detecting cancer, detecting old age in the person, or other medical conditions," Leach said. "This study shows that alcohol could have a negative effect on this important sense. But we should keep in mind that it may have a positive effect on a person's sense of taste, since an increased sensitivity to tastes can also be caused by alcohol." The scientists report that the findings may be applicable to people who have to be around alcohol during the day. They said nose sensitivity might also




Regarder Le Film Femme Ecrite Film Complet calgian

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