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Research & Development


Do you have a data-driven idea that needs to be worked out, or a current AI project that’s stuck in low gear?

Where do you get started investigating your idea, or reformulating your current solution?


While AI isn’t magic, it is a craft (like any other) that's part art, part science, and takes time and experience to master.


You’re probably working on a very specific application, with your own unique industry jargon and definitions, but it's helpful to understand how your problem is viewed from the perspective of AI and data science. 


See, the AI perspective unifies problems across disparate industries regardless of origin, chunking them into a handful of common AI problem areas like these:


Each of these AI problem areas have their own associated jargon, definitions, and tools-of-the-trade.  And they’re application areas that we are very familiar with.


We’ve done AI-related Research and Development for businesses, academia, and even the federal government.   Heck, not to brag too much, but we’ve even written a kickass university textbook describing the fundamentals of this sort of R&D.

We’d love to learn about your AI-based R&D challenges.  How can we get started? 

Just reach out and we’ll start with a free 30 minute consultation.

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