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Getting started ...

Are you looking to get started with AI in your startup, but don’t know where to begin?


Have you brainstormed a bunch of ideas about how to use AI in your startup, but you don’t know which ones will work, how to get started with them, or what their ROI will look like?


If you answer “yes” to either of these questions, we should talk.


Book a free 30 minute consultation with us and we’ll help you formulate a precise, actionable AI battle-plan for your startup.  

Here's how it works

1.   Contact us to schedule a brief (5-10 minute) intro phone call

2.  Tell us about your business and your AI goals by completing a brief intake form

3.  Execute a Master Service Agreement and zero-dollar Statement of Work

4.  Participate in a 30 minute consultation

5.  Schedule a brief meeting to review findings and recommended next steps

6.  If desired, engage with us and execute on recommended actions

Here's what we'll discuss

Ideation: what unique AI products is your startup poised to offer?

Organization: how do we prioritize your top AI challenges and plan for the future?

Return on investment: where can AI and Analytics be effectively integrated into your startup?

Cost minimization: how do we maximally simplify the engineering involved in each challenge?

Data needs: what sort of data needs to be collected and curated to fuel your AI?

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