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data science powerhouses

Your startup generates tons of data, and you want to put it to work

We're a data science consultancy, and we turn data into fuel for your business


Your data is like gasoline



Gasoline was once just a by-product of making lamp oil - an unavoidable cost of doing business.


Then the automobile came along and put gasoline to work in a big way. 



Data was once like that too - just a costly by-product of everyday business.


But today data science and analytics put business data to work in a big way too. Read more ...

Where to begin?


I want to get started with data science in my business, but I don’t know where to begin.

I’ve brainstormed a bunch of ideas about how to use AI in my startup, but I don’t know which ones will work, how to get started with them, or what their ROI will look like.

Sound familiar?  If so, lets book a free consultation today and we’ll help you get a grip on your startup’s data science challenges.  


What we do

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Need help designing an ROI-driven data science strategy?



Have an idea that needs flushing out, or a project that isn’t returning the right results?



Ready to roll with a trained model, but unsure how to deploy effectively to your audience?

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